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my-Guruji is a complete digital solution catering to online teaching, digital assessment to training. Challenging the conventional methods to teaching and lecture delivery, My-Guruji helps to transform conventional classroom teaching to virtual one. Learners have access to multiple forms of content which aim to engage them and gives the instructor a platform to curate courses, conduct live lectures, share digital content and even assess the learner.

We are now witnessing a digital era of education that helps us understand the concepts of using multi-dimensional teaching and learning methodology.



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Learning Management System

my-Guruji’s e-learning platform is based on fact that learning should not be classroom dependent. It provides a complete digital platform anabled with Learning management system to help seamless teaching and smooth Instructor-Learner interactions. The intuitive learning platform ensures student engagement.

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Online Assessment

my-Guruji’s Online Assessment is designed to deliver most structured online examination across business platforms. Its AI enabled remote proctoring and secure browsing mode solution provides an assured, credible and highly secure mode to conduct the examination with wider reach at reduced costs. Experience the smooth End-to-end Examination Management Solution with Centralized Question Banks and Automated Result Processing. Seamless Experience to conduct University and School Examinations, Recruitment tests and other evaluations.

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The ever-increasing demand for quality talent there is a significant need to create a talent pool that will be equipped with the requisite expertise, and be technically and professionally prepared to join the highly specialized workforce at SRDT. We at SRDT aim to create the much-needed bridge between deserving talent across the country and vacant jobs that are difficult to fill due to a crisis of skills. We offer the best skill based training programs for entry level job roles.


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